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From Bricklyn Eagle Editor Walt Brickman:

One Vermont Friend of Bricklyn by the name of Nancy asked the following:

Your hi- speed / donut free rail is great but it looks from the photo [reprinted below] it is a bicyclist(s)  killer. Any deceased cyclists or protests or bike bridges created as a result?” 

Brickstar rail service connects downtown Bricklyn and South Bricklyn.
New Brickstar train enroute from Bricklyn’s North Station to South Bricklyn. Bicyclists and pedestrians visible on bike-ped path paralleling, and also crossing, the tracks.

Nancy’s question about bike fatalities raises a point that visitors to Bricklyn are rarely aware of. The citizens of Bricklyn — as Lego plastic-based beings — are virtually indestructible. 

You might find a question from another visitor (who claims to be highly familiar with chemistry) about the molecular composition of Bricklynites of interest.

Being smashed by a high speed locomotive might, at worst, cause a slight chip to a Bricklynite’s “skin” or a “head pop-off.” However, these injuries can be quickly remedied. In going through our newspaper’s archives, we found a series of photos documenting a 2018 collision between a Bricktrak train and a Bricklynite pedestrian who failed to respect the crossing gates as the train was approaching. The photos will help illustrate what is almost a monthly happening in Bricklyn — and lay readers’ concerns to rest..

Above left: The Bricklyn Eagle’s photographer caught this Bricklynite apparently oblivious to both the crossing gates and the oncoming Bricktrak train. Above right: Photo taken immediately after impact, with head pop-off clearly visible.

As you can see, the poor fellow suffered a head pop-off — but it was quickly addressed by the 24/7 Red Team emergency crew, including the Head Chief. As is the norm, this Bricklynite’s head was pushed back in place by the Head Chief, with only a mild headache resulting.

Top row left: the Bricklyn emergency crew springs into action. Top row right: Head Chief Duke B. Santé firmly pushes the popped-off head back into place. Lower left: Santé makes final adjustments to the fellow’s head. Lower right: Thanks expressed to the Head Chief. But to Santé, it’s all in a day’s work.

The only “injury” to this man was to his wallet, since he received a hefty 750 CuDo bill for the cost of the emergency services and for the delay to Bricktrak service while his body and head were removed from the tracks.

➤ Note: rail crossing gates have been installed at almost all locations where rail lines cross the bike-ped pathway system. Bricklyn officials have determined that elevated crossings are not generally needed, though one has been installed over the heavily used Bricklyn railyard.

While it can be shocking to some Outlanders visiting Bricklyn who happen to witness a head pop-off incident (almost a monthly occurrence), no serious injuries to Bricklynites have resulted from run ins with Bricktrak trains over the past ten years.  

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