Greetings from the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce

Public Service Announcement

Tom Brickorti in front of the Chamber’s offices in the Southwest Corner Building on South Street..

Hi. I’m Tom Brickorti, President of the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce. We’ve prepared a short video slideshow on YouTube, inserted below, to give you an introduction to our wonderful community. Here in Bricklyn VT we embrace Ole Kirk Christiansen’s motto: “only the best is good enough.

As you’ll see, we have plenty of housing you’ll fall in love with — from stately rowhouses to lakeside cottages.

We also have a dynamic downtown, with a rail network linking to surrounding communities.

p.s., if you’re a bicyclist, walker, nature lover, railfan, or just want to see one of the best darn lego cities in America, visit Bricklyn, VT!📍

📍Visits to Bricklyn require a Visa from our Office of Outland Affairs. Staff at the Chamber of Commerce can help you through this sometimes tedious process. Contact us at:

Come visit Bricklyn, VT! There’s only one “problem” you’ll encounter — you’ll never want to leave!

Bricklyn residents and Department of Public Works workers celebrate completion of Phase 2 of the Bricklyn bicycle and pedestrian network, funded by Bricklyn voters last year. Thanks to DPW Director Chulpin B. Spancer and his staff for the timely completion of the project under budget! Be sure to watch the video..

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