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Lincoln Logs Rule for Bricklyn Kids. What!?

  • by Brenda Softbrick, The Bricklyn Eagle’s culture & history (& kids’ toys) correspondent
  • September 20, 2021

Summary of Article ➤ Many of Bricklyn’s kids love playing with Lincoln Logs. Is that surprising?

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Gardner (on Wikipedia), Photo taken on November 8, 1863, eleven days before Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address.

Why do people assume that Bricklyn kids would want to play with LEGO bricks? Is it because you (or your children or grandchildren) enjoyed playing with LEGO bricks when you were growing up?

But think about it. Wouldn’t expecting LEGO kids to play with LEGO plates and tiles be the same as expecting your kids to want to play with heavy concrete blocks and chunks of masonry (just please don’t tell us that’s what they like to do!).

It’s more fun to play with something simulating buildings and cities, rather than with the real thing. The key is play … and creating things through imagination!

Milly surveying her pile of Lincoln Logs before starting to haul and piece them together — with some help from Mom.

Federal Council🌀 President Hilma Plater-Zybrick, despite all the demands on her time, still enjoys taking time off to join Milly, her six year old daughter, in building Lincoln Logs houses. Lincoln Logs are what Hilma also loved playing with as a child, despite the fact that Lincoln Logs — back then — were considered a boy’s toy.

Photo of reconstruction of Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home (till he was eight years old) in Knob Creek, Kentucky. See National Park Service site for more details.

Evidently young Milly shares her mother’s preference.

As Milly told us: “The wood logs are so, so cool.📍 I love the way they feel when you lift them up and turn them around … and they fit together in all sorts of ways. Me and my friends built a very, very tall log cabin, with lots of yellow windows. Plus Mom likes Lincoln Logs too. I think that’s why she’s President of Bricklyn, which I’m also going to be some day!”

Patent application drawings by John Lloyd Wright for Lincoln Logs.

📍Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, son of the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Both John Lloyd Wright & Lincoln Logs were among the first inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1999 (along with LEGO and fifteen other toys).

After (shockingly) changing their wood logs to plastic and moving production to China, Lincoln Logs in 2015, returned to being made from real wood, the pieces manufactured in Maine. See “Lincoln Logs, returned to made in U.S.A. of real wood, turns 100” (Woodworking Network, February 13, 2016).

There was — and still is — nothing like the fun Bricklyn kids get in building Lincoln Logs cabins and other log structures: buildings they’d simply not find in Bricklyn or other LEGO cities.

If your real world is made of LEGO bricks, why not have your imaginary world made of Lincoln Logs!

Bricklyn to Burlington: Honor Your Commitments!

A Crisis from Above, Part 2

see Part 1, Are the Gods Angry?

Bricklyn Eagle Masthead

Note: The following information is only for Outland readers like you, and is not being published in the Bricklyn edition of The Eagle.

  • by Eric Tiler Corman, The Bricklyn Eagle’s political correspondent and Duane Sandville, Outland Affairs correspondent.
  • September 9, 2021

Summary of Article ➤ Diplomatic efforts to defuse the F-35 crisis stall, as Bricklyn’s demands are rejected by Burlington officials.

Bricklyn’s Office of Outland Affairs, located on the 2nd floor of the Bricklyn “Inland/Outland” building by Bricklyn harbor, has been a hub of activity in recent days as diplomats seek to diffuse the “F-35 crisis.”

Bricklyn diplomats expressed exasperation to their Burlington counterparts during a heated meeting yesterday to try to resolve a crisis that is on the verge of boiling over.

As we last reported, Bricklyn’s skies have reverberated with the thunderous roar of F-35 fighter jets streaking (somewhere) overhead. The sound of the jets, based with the Vermont National Guard at Burlington International Airport, has punctured the protective shell buffering Bricklyn and its’ citizens from the Outland 🌀 world.

Unfortunately, the walls and ceilings of the house along North Prospect Street in Burlington’s Hill Section within which Bricklyn is located have had minimal effect in sealing out the almost daily roar of the jets.

Burlington Ambassador Burnside [photo from Wikipedia, Ambrose Burnside]

A. Everett Burnside, Burlington’s Ambassador to the Realm of Bricklyn 🌀, at a press briefing, expressed Burlington’s regrets, but noted that “the noise was unavoidable, and a small price to pay for national security.”

What’s more, Burnside noted, the decision to base the the F-35s in a dense, urban area was the result of decisions made by federal authorities, not by Burlington or Vermont officials.”

Bricklyn Envoy Challenges Burlington Decision to Welcome F-35 Fighter Jets

Photo of Bricklyn Ambassador Dennis Plater Dross (on left, wearing the Ambassador’s green cape) and Outland Affairs staff teleconference with the Federal Chancellor to discuss Bricklyn’s response to Burlington.

Bricklyn Ambassador Dennis Plater Dross retorted that “the decision to base the F-35 fighter jets in Burlington was, in fact, supported, and even encouraged, by Vermont’s U.S. Senators and by Burlington’s Mayor.” 📍

📍See, e.g., Sound Effects: In the F-35’s Flight Path, Vermonters’ Lives Have Changed (Seven Days Vermont, July 7, 2021) and On F-35s: Burlington mayor sticks to support, in opposition to voters and Council (Burlington Free Press, April 11, 2018)

Ambassador Dross noted that neither he nor any other officials in Bricklyn’s Office of Outland Affairs were ever informed of the fact that the jets’ noise would so significantly penetrate Bricklyn’s airspace. “One can only conclude that important facts about the F-35s’ noise impacts were not shared with us,” said Dross.

As to national security concerns, Dross demurred, but observed that other air national guard bases in more rural areas would have been a much better fit for the F-35s.

Ambassador Dross also alleged that “the actions taken by Burlington clearly violate the Memo of Understanding [MOU] amicably entered into between Burlington and Bricklyn in June 1991.”

Citing Burlington’s failure to honor the “CHM” provisions of the MOU (consult; honor; mediate), Ambassador Dross called on Burlington to immediately cease F-35 flights that impact Bricklyn’s air space, adding that “we donut understand why Burlington refuses to respect its’ CHM commitments to Bricklyn.”

Burlington Expresses Regrets, But Rejects Bricklyn Demand

Burlington officials responded again by expressing regrets over the “unfortunate, but unavoidable” noise impacts on Bricklyn. However, Ambassador Burnside commented that the provisions of the Burlington-Bricklyn MOU “while laudable, were plainly outweighed by legitimate national security concerns.”  ✥

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The Bricklyn Eagle will continue to report on developments in the F-35 crisis.

Preacher Johnny Plater Kahn

Are the Gods Angry?

A Crisis from Above, Part 1

  • by Eric Tiler Corman, Bricklyn Eagle Politics correspondent & Duane Sandville, Outland Affairs correspondent.
  • August 19, 2021

Summary of Article ➤ A crisis atmosphere pervades Bricklyn, as thundering booms from the heavens shatter the peace & quiet of the Realm.

Bricklynites have been shaken by daily thunderous booms emanating from the skies. But when the look up, they seeing nothing out of the ordinary. The roaring booms have set babies crying, dogs barking, hearts pounding, conversations ceasing, and school classes halting. Tension levels have mounted, as reactions range from bewilderment to fear.

First thoughts of many were that some unknown meteorological disturbance was to blame. But denials by Bricklyn meteorologists and the frequency and continuation of the booms has now led voices to speak of divine anger.

Preacher Kahn and crowd in downtown Bricklyn yesterday, shaking longsticks toward the heavens.
Preacher Kahn with his most devoted follower, Evanora, behind him.

Preacher Johnny Plater Kahn has taken to the streets calling on Bricklynites to repent.

“Beware the wrath of God is upon us,” he recently pronounced during a KBBS News interview, adding that “Bricklynites will be paying for their sins of sloth and donut over-consumption.”

Crowds have gathered around Kahn, shaking black longsticks pointed to the sky.

The Hidden Truth

F-35 fighter jet. Photo from Shutterstock.

Unknown to the vast majority of Bricklynites, the Bricklyn Office of Outland Affairs, since this past March, has been aware of the true cause of the sonic booms: the introduction of shockingly loud F-35 fighter jets by the Vermont Air National Guard. These extremely high decibel jets are now rocketing almost daily over Burlington — and their sounds have reverberated in Bricklyn’s own air space.

July 7, 2021 issue of the Seven Days Vermont weekly paper focuses on the noise impacts of the new F-35 fighter jets based at the Burlington International Airport. See “Sound Effects: In the F-35’s Flight Path, Vermonters’ Lives Have Changed” by Colin Flanders. “The aircraft now fill the skies with thunderous noise twice a day, four days a week … Those who hear the jets are increasingly voicing their concerns.”

Members of the Samfundet🌀 have been informed of the situation. But because of limitations on the sharing of knowledge about Bricklyn’s twinned relationship with Burlington, 98% of Bricklynites are not aware of what is actually causing the booms.📍

📍We’ve previously reported on the Kyndige, the Samfundet, and the simulation hypothesis. See those posts for a fuller explanation of Bricklyn’s relationship to Burlington and why so many Bricklynites have been “kept in the dark.”

The surging number of Bricklynites attributing the booms to divine causation, evidenced by the growing popularity of Reverend J.P. Kahn and others, has triggered a crisis among Bricklyn leadership and the Samfundet on what to do.

Meanwhile, diplomatic efforts by Bricklyn consular officials to end the booms have reached an impasse, threatening the relationship between Bricklyn and Burlington.✥

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The Bricklyn Eagle will continue to report on this evolving crisis.