The Donut Capital of America

  • by Amanda B. Starr, The Bricklyn Eagle Metro correspondent
  • October 20, 2021

Summary of Article ➤ Bricklyn, Vermont, has long been known for its donuts — but the demand for donuts increased exponentially with the arrival of the Simpson family.

Bricklyn, VT has long been called the Donut Capital of America! — at least by the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce.

But to be honest, the demand for donuts in Bricklyn skyrocketed only after the November 2020 arrival of the Simpson family in Bricklyn, after leaving Springfield (more on their move & the resulting impact on Bricklyn in a future post).

When it comes to donuts, Homer Simpson sets the pace to which others can only aspire!

The Bricklyn North Rail Station, now home to the Tasty Brick Donut Shoppe.

There’s also been a donut shop that recently opened after the renovations of the Central Rail Station terminal downtown. Donuts for sweet-toothed commuters have been flying out of their oversized bins.

Local police often use donut shops as their neighborhood HQ, while it’s hard to find a politician who hasn’t handed out plump jelly donuts at campaign rallies.

Coffee Clutch Goes Bankrupt

There’s been a scare recently with the unexpected bankruptcy of Coffee Clutch. However, a Canadian buyer has struck a deal to take over the business, including resuming donut and soft bread production at the Brickside Avenue facility. So word to the Simpsons and all you other Bricklyn donut lovers — no need to put up your homes for sale. Donuts will still reign in Bricklyn, Vermont! ✥

📌 News Update — June 12, 2021: Shock waves rippled across Bricklyn as the Canadian deal has fallen through. Instead the maker of Blunder Bread swooped in at the last minute to purchase the facility from Coffee Clutch, without any immediate plans to reopen it. Over 100 Bricklynites who thought they would soon be returning to work will not. A spokesman for the new buyer told the press: “We have no immediate plans to reopen the bakeries, but will be assessing how they may fit our strategic network optimization efforts in the future.”

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