The “Great Wall” of Bricklyn

  • Brenda Softbrick, The Bricklyn Eagle’s Culture & History correspondent
  • June 17, 2021

Summary of Article ➤ Understanding the Great Wall of Bricklyn is essential to understanding Bricklyn itself. A brief primer on the Great Wall.

One of the most puzzling aspects of Bricklyn to outlanders🌀 is the fact that only a small portion of the Realm of Bricklyn🌀 can be seen. While we know it is there, it is blocked from view by the Great Wall of Bricklyn.

Those Who Know of the Outland

The Great Wall of Bricklyn
The Great Wall of Bricklyn rises to the West of downtown and the Bricklyn Harbor, blocking outlanders’ views of much of Bricklyn.

Within Bricklyn itself, those told of the Wall (and of the existence of Bricklyn’s “twinned” city of Burlington, VT) include:

  • the Chief Cosmologist,
  • the Mayor of Bricklyn,
  • the Chief Prognosticator,
  • the Seven Councilors on the Federal Council of the Realm,
  • the Chief Justice,
  • the Principal Historian,
  • the Chief Scientist,
  • the Principal Psychologist,
  • the President of the Legotary,
  • officials in the Realm’s Inland & Outland Consulates,
  • select staff at the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce, and
  • carefully vetted reporters for The Bricklyn Eagle, myself included.

There are several hundred other Bricklynites who are also part of the “Samfundet af de kyndige” (usually simply referred to as The Samfundet🌀). This is translated from Danish as “the Community or Society of the Knowledgeable Ones.” These “Kyndige“🌀 Bricklynites were (for reasons we are not authorized to publish) initially contacted by the Samfundet📍 and then made aware of the existence of the Outland world.

Suffice it to say, there are severe penalties for the unauthorized disclosure of being a Kynidge and part of the Samfundet to those who are not.

The vast majority of Bricklynites remain in blissful ignorance of how living “ud over muren” (beyond the Wall) shields their lives from the “prying” eyes of outlanders — or, to put it more positively, from the fascinated glances of tourists visiting Bricklyn!

Scientists Still at a Loss to Explain the Great Wall

Image of ghost walking down the street
No, Bricklynites are not like ghosts walking down streets or through walls!

What still cannot be explained by the Bricklyn scientific community is why residents of the Realm of Bricklyn can neither see the Great Wall nor be affected in the least by it In their daily lives.📍

📍 For a look at a somewhat analogous phenomena, see The City & the City.

Bricklynites truly seem to be able to walk through walls! Yet we know they are not ghosts!

So what is hidden beyond the Great Wall? Most significantly, all of South Bricklyn (including the airport; the regional high school; and the medical center) and the small historic enclave of Bricklyn Junction. A substantial portion of Bricklyn itself — including most residential and commercial districts — is also shielded from visitors’ view by the Wall.

graphic of the Great Wall of China
Some have drawn parallels between the Great Wall of Bricklyn and the Great Wall of China. While both have the goal of protecting their population — whether from curious outsiders for Bricklyn or invading hordes for China — the Great Wall of Bricklyn is truly an invisible presence for all but a select few citizens of the Realm of Bricklyn.

What remains inside the bounds of the Wall, and is thus visible to outlanders like you?

Key areas visible to visitors include:

  • the downtown (where you’ll find government offices; the courthouse; city hall; the library; the museum; and the central railroad station);
  • Bricklyn Harbor and its ferry docks;
  • Lake Bricklyn;
  • portions of the Bricklyn Canal;
  • the railyards; and
  • the southside neighborhood.

Dating the Construction of the Great Wall

Eastern wall of Bricklyn
Bricklyn’s new rail yard abuts the Eastern Wall. As you can see from the photo, the Eastern Wall is much newer than the other Walls and constructed of different materials (block versus stone). Winny Tiler Jackson, Bricklyn’s Principal Historian, has dated the Eastern Wall to circa 1980. It’s amazing to realize that the construction workers laying new track can’t even see that they’re working next to the Great Wall !

The Great Wall is actually comprised of four adjoining walls encircling Bricklyn on the East, West, North, and South

Again, these Walls delimit those parts of Bricklyn which can be viewed by outlanders, and those which cannot.

Winifred (Winny) Tiler Jackson, Bricklyn’s Principal Historian, says that the Western, Southern, and Northern Walls date back to 1892, and have their origins in house construction occurring in the City of Burlington, Vermont, at the time, while the Eastern Wall (see photo on left) was much more recently built. ✥

There’s another “wall” in Bricklyn, but one that prevents most Bricklynites from seeing into the neighboring Outland City of Burlington, Vermont. For more on this mysterious barrier.

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