Reader Questions & Comments on “Head Pop-Offs” and “The Great Donut Debate”

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with replies from Bricklyn Eagle Editor Walt Brickman

Thanks to those Friends of Bricklyn who took the time to reply to our two most recent articles. The questions & comments raised interesting points – as a result, we want to share them with you, along with our replies. Additional questions are welcome; email us at:

On our post Railroad Accidents & Head Pop-Offs we received the following:

📍J.J. Nosh asked: “Do you really think it’s ok to publish images of beheaded people?”

Our reply: “First, the individuals were not ‘beheaded,’ rather, their heads were ‘popped off.’ Second, we did post a highly visible Warning message on the page for those readers who might be offended by viewing head pop-offs. Finally, is the publication of head pop-offs any different than the publication in Outland communities of events such as bull goring in Pamplona, Spain? See, e.g., this CBS News broadcast. In fact, unlike some gorings in the running of the bulls in Pamplona, in over ten years there has not been a fatality from a head pop-off — though for first-time visitors to Bricklyn fatalities would appear to be inevitable.”

Content advisory: For those adult readers who want to witness an actual Lego decapitation — and not merely a head pop-off — see these three Bible-based pages on The Brick Testament website: One / Two / Three . Please be advised that these biblical scenes are gruesome, even for a LEGO alternative world.

📍Pastries by Patsy asked (as part of an inquiry about opening a bakery in downtown Bricklyn): “I am seeking a location where my customers will not be subjected to witnessing disturbing head pop-offs while they enjoy my pastries made with the finest European butter. My goal with this business venture is to increase the culinary sophistication of Bricklynites. I am confident that you and Mr. [Brickman] are in agreement about the importance of my mission.”

Our reply: “In terms of avoiding head pop-offs, there’s really little assurance we can give you. We believe they are relatively uncommon (just about one per month) and after seeing one or two they’re really not bothersome to most people. In fact, some ‘adventure’ tourists come to visit Bricklyn specifically with the hope of seeing a head pop-off. Perhaps the same who enjoy watching the running of the bulls in Pamplona!”

Bill T. Butler. Photo from The Bricklyn Eagle archives.

📍Bill T. Butler commented: “As a member of the Bricklyn Federal Council, and also as an engineer on the Union Pacific, I read your story with great interest. I can relate my own experience as a young engineer, when after just three months on the job I had my first head “pop-off” — some teenagers racing to cross the track right in front of my train. One slipped, we hit him, and his head popped-off. As I was trained, I immediately called our dispatcher, who got the emergency crew there within a few minutes. Head popped back on, and all was well.

I’ve had maybe a dozen pop-offs since then while at the throttle. While no one suffered any serious injuries, they are a pain in the a** since they screw up our train schedules and irritate the passengers.”

On our post “The Great Donut Debate” we received the following:

📍K9 commented: “If you ban donuts in Bricklyn, I will no longer book your town for the annual meeting of the bariatric society. Substituting croissants is not an option, but is another blatant example of gentrification. I am appalled.”

Our reply: “Appreciate your comment, which will help inform the Federal Council when it debates the proposed donut ban.”  

📍J.J. Nosh commented: “I am weighing in [at 230 pounds] on the Great Donut Debate: Frankly I think it’s un-American to ban donuts, waistlines be damned!”

Our reply: “One ‘technical’ correction to your comments. Bricklyn is an independent Realm, and is a member of the League of Inland Cities. Its presence in the United States is done through a sovereign agreement with the State of Vermont, not with the United States. I said this was a ‘technical’ correction since Bricklyn even promotes itself as ‘The Donut Capital of America’ — despite the fact that its relationship is with Vermont and not with the United States per se. Of course, it carries more weight (and I use that word advisedly) for the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce to claim that Bricklyn is the Donut Capital of America, rather than the Donut Capital of Vermont, or even of the Inland Cities.”

📍E.J. and Sarah commented: “Hi Walt. We believe that access to donuts is an inalienable right to the citizens of Bricklyn but in the spirit of inclusion we believe that croissants and patisseries should hold a place in Bricklyn. Thanks.”

Our reply: “We want to thank you for your comments, which will help shape the debate next week before Bricklyn’s Federal Council. The ‘spirit of inclusion’ is indeed one of the better spirits that can be advocated for. In fact, you would both appear to be good candidates to serve as mediators in Bricklyn given your focus on promoting consensus. See: The Use of Mediation in Bricklyn (scroll down in the post to that heading).”

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