The Samfundet

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Formally known as the “Samfundet af de Kyndige” (roughly translated from Danish as the Community or Society of the Knowledgeable Ones”), this secret organization is responsible for maintaining the registry of those Bricklynites who are fully aware of the existence of the Outland world (including Bricklyn’s twinned City of Burlington) and the fact that it is more likely than not that Bricklyn exists as a simulation.

No more than 2% of Bricklyn’s population are Kyndiges (“knowledgeable ones”), and there are severe penalties for disclosing that one is a Kyndige or a member of the Samfundet to others, including members of one’s own family.

Needless to say, the existence of this secret minority has had a profound effect on Bricklyn, some will say for the better, others for the worse.📍

📍 Note that all Bricklyn Eagle correspondents working for our Outland edition (which you are now reading) are Kyndige.

The Samfundet offices also include computers that are connected to Outland networks and databases throughout the human world. These are the only network connections to the Outland other than at the Consulate, the Federal Council, and a few other ministerial offices.📍 Note that the The Exchange provides all Bricklynites with access only to computer networks in other Inland/LEGO-based cities and towns.

📍Exceptions can be made by arrangement of the Consulate for access to Outland networks. One example is the authorization of access to YouTube given to Bricklyn City Arts for the Victor Borge Festival at the Bricklyn Palace Theatre.

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