Great Wall of Bricklyn

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One of the most puzzling aspects of Bricklyn to outlanders is the fact that only a small portion of the Realm of Bricklyn can be seen. While we know it is there, it is blocked from view by the Great Wall of Bricklyn.

Illustration of the Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of Bricklyn draws some parallels to China’s Great Wall, but in reality, they are very different kinds of walls.

The vast majority of Bricklynites remain in blissful ignorance of how living “ud over muren” (beyond the Wall) shields their lives from the “prying” eyes of outlanders — or, to put it more positively, from the fascinated glances of tourists visiting Bricklyn!

What still cannot be explained by the Bricklyn scientific community is why residents of the Realm of Bricklyn can neither see the Great Wall nor be affected in the least by it In their daily lives.

So what is hidden beyond the Great Wall? Most significantly, most of South Bricklyn (including the airport; the regional high school; and the medical center) and part of the small historic enclave of Bricklyn Junction. A substantial portion of Bricklyn itself — including most residential and commercial districts — is also shielded from visitors’ view by the Wall.

For a more detailed explanation of the Great Wall of Bricklyn, including information on which parts of The Tripartite Realm of Bricklyn fall within the Great Wall.

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