Inland Sports League (ISL)

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Bill Plater Jones of the Bricklyn Stackers, in the batter’s box at Swiftbrick Park.

Originally a league consisting of six baseball teams representing New England Inland cities, the ISL now also brings together soccer and (recently added) pickleball teams for semi-professional competition. The baseball league is, of course, more well-established — having a spacious ballpark, Swiftbrick Field, close to downtown. See photo below.📍

📍Swiftbrick Field is named in memory of the late Tom Swiftbrick, Bricklyn’s first (and most famous) astronaut, and a regular at Stackers games.

There are also informal connections between the ISL and Major League Baseball in Outland cities such as Boston.

Swiftbrick Field is easily accessible to downtown Bricklyn, as well as South Bricklyn, by trolley. You’ll also note that the Bricklyn Stackers (somewhat confusedly having traditionally worn blue uniforms!) show their loyalty to the Boston Red Sox.
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