Bricklyn Avatar Law

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Bricklyn’s “Avatar” Law requires that all Outland persons owning businesses in Bricklyn must be represented by an “avatar minifigure.” The Avatar Law was enacted in order to encourage Outland individuals to open businesses in Bricklyn, while at the same time preventing the loss of employment opportunities for Bricklynites. When an Outlander opens a business anywhere in the Realm, s/he must hire and designate a Bricklynite as his or her “representative” in Bricklyn.

The law also helps resolve the more practical concern posed by the Great Wall of Bricklyn, which would prevent Outlanders from visiting, let alone seeing, large portions of the the Realm of Bricklyn. The Outlander’s avatar, as a real Bricklynite, would not be similarly disadvantaged. Any other employees working in an Outland-owned business must also be Bricklynites.

In order to protect the privacy of Outlanders, only a very few Bricklyn officials in the Office of Consular Affairs are aware of the real identity of the Outland owner / operator of a Bricklyn business. This privacy measure is largely intended to avoid incidents of harassment against Outlanders which, while rare, have been instigated by some of the followers of Preacher Johnny Plater Kahn and Evanora.

Example of Creation of Avatar:

Here’s the transformation of South Burlington resident Wayne S. into the Avatar of Bricklyn Eagle Editor Walt Brickman:

Transformation into Walt Brickman Avatar included loss of glasses; upgrade from sloppy clothing attire to business casual; change of expression from spaced-out to serious; replacement of wild curly grayish hair to neatly coiffed brown styling; and change in skin tone from flesh color to standard LEGO yellow. Approximate age remains the same.
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