A Troubling Question from a Troubled Reader

February 2, 2023

Reply to Mr. S. from Walt Brickman, Editor, The Bricklyn Eagle:

Given the emergency nature of your mental state I thought it best to immediately reply to your question. Be assured that you are far from the first person to encounter this fear, anxiety, or even terror, that can lead to night sweat, palpitations, and other worrisome symptoms.

You asked:

“An issue that is keeping me awake (It is 3:17 a.m as I type). Are there citizens in Briklyn who themselves are Lego fans and who have extremely tiny Briklyn like cities in their basements, and if so, do THOSE mini-briclyn folks have even tinier Brikyn type cities in their mini mini basements, and if yes, do those submicroscopic cities have citizens with even smaller subatomic lego cities in their basements, etc., etc., etc.,  This might be an existential problem for plastic people (or my fever has taken over my brain). “

I referred your question to Bricklyn’s Chief Cosmologist, O’Neal deGas Brickson. He informed me that:

Bricklyn's Chief Cosmologist looking at the stars
Bricklyn’s Chief Cosmologist on a rooftop looking at the stars — or perhaps at The Great Wall of Bricklyn.

“The majority opinion in the scientific community is that there is a 50-50 chance that Bricklyn, and your Outland world itself, are all simply simulations within a simulation within a simulation … ad infinitum.”

“This appears to be in accord with scientific opinion in your own world, which also interestingly posits that the development of consciousness in artificial intelligence — which seem almost inevitable — would shockingly increase the odds that we are are living within a simulation.” See, e.g., “Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50” (Scientific American, October 13, 2020).

“On a practical level, yes, many Bricklynites, young and older, have simulations of other Bricklyns (or of Vermonts!) in their basements. However, there is a curious trend towards the use of Lincoln Logs, instead of Legos in the simulated worlds within their basements (perhaps you saw a quite interesting article in the Bricklyn Eagle on this). See “Lincoln Logs Rule for Bricklyn Kids. What!?” Could this mark a break in the chain of simulations? …

But as to suggestions, all I can offer you as a cosmologist is the following: Please take some deep breaths, stay calm, float on a raft with a beer in your hand, or indulge in some pharmaceuticals, as there is nothing you (or any of us) can do to change the facts of our ‘existence,’ or simulated existence … so whether or not we are living in simulations is ‘in reality’ of little consequence.”

Dear Mr. S., I hope that Mr. Brickson’s comments were of help.

Respectfully yours,

Walt Brickman, Editor, The Bricklyn Eagle

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