Vocal Brickmotion

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Vocal Brickmotion is a Bricklyn non-profit organization that advocates for bicyclists, pedestrians, and public transit users. Over the past two decades the organization has dramatically changed the consciousness of many Bricklynites about the health and environmental advantages of biking, walking, or using transit, instead of relying on their cars.

Brickmotion’s advocacy helped contribute to the easy passage of the 2020 bond issues for installing the new bike and pedestrian paths.

However, when it came to supporting the construction of the short monorail line linking Bricklyn Harbor to downtown (which some say was part of the successful effort to entice the Simpson family to relocate to Bricklyn), Vocal Brickmotion was conspicuously silent.

Chulpin B. Spancer, Bricklyn’s current Public Works Director, served as past Director of Vocal Brickmotion.

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