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No, it does not refer to a person using bricks without studs! Instead, the term “flatbricker” is drawn from common usage in Vermont of the word “flatlander.”📍

📍”Flatlander is used as a negative slander on non-native Vermonters or visitors. In its basic concept, the term implies a person who visits the state or lives here that brings negative qualities from their home to our state. It is a person who is unfamiliar with traditional Vermont ways.” From “Flatlanders in Vermont,” by Erin Moreau, Vermont.com (retrieved July 12, 2021). Comparable uses of the term flatlander are common in several other states as well.

Long-time Bricklynites refer to new arrivals (defining “new” as just about anyone not born in Bricklyn or from the founding families) as flatbrickers, with the negative implication that they really haven’t a clue as to what it means to live in the Realm of Bricklyn.

The Simple Life: Flatlanders Tackle Life on a Big Vermont Farm;” as reported in Seven Days Vermont (July 21, 2021)

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