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Kyndiges (“knowledgeable ones”) are those relatively few Bricklynites (less than 2% of the population📍) who are fully aware of the likelihood that Bricklyn is a simulation.

📍See Bricklyn population data.

There are severe penalties for disclosing that one is Kyndige to others, including members of one’s own family.

Bricklynites who are Kyndige include:

  • the Chief Cosmologist,
  • the Mayor of Bricklyn,
  • the Chief Prognosticator,
  • the Seven Councilors on the Federal Council of the Realm,
  • the Chief Justice,
  • the Chief Medical Officer,
  • the Principal Historian,
  • the Chief Scientist,
  • the Principal Psychologist,
  • the President of the Legotary,
  • officials in the Realm’s Inland & Outland Consulates,
  • select staff at the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce, and
  • carefully vetted reporters for The Bricklyn Eagle

The Samfundet has also designated several hundred other Bricklynites as Kyndige, through an interview/induction process we are not at liberty to disclose.

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