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New Bricklyn Monorail Draws Eyes Skyward

Bricklyn Eagle Masthead

November 3, 2023

by David Plater Blue, Metro Desk Reporter

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A crowd of Bricklynites looked skyward this afternoon as the Bricklyn Rail Transport Agency’s (BRTA) monorail service began operations, looping around South Bricklyn’s downtown core. Besides providing public transit to this growing commercial and residential area, the kilometer long monorail line avoids creating ground-level congestion.

Engineer and Federal Council member Bill B. Butler, aka “3B.” Bricklyn Eagle archive photo.

South Bricklyn Federal Council representative Bill B. Butler — who also works as a railroad engineer for Bricklyn’s “Brickstar” high speed rail line — applauded the inauguration of the monorail.

Butler explained that the Bricklyn Loop Monorail is based on that of the world-renowned Wuppertal, Germany, suspended monorail (“Schwebebahn”) system that has operated since 1901. As Butler noted, “for implementation in a LEGO city such as South Bricklyn, the BRTA monorail drew on the work of the talented LEGO design and engineering firm, JC Brickworks.”

Here’s a short video of the Bricklyn Loop Monorail in operation.

Disney Monorail. From Wikipedia.

According to Stephen Plater Mills, CEO of the BRTA, “the BRTA decided on constructing a suspended system, as used in Wuppertal, Germany, rather than a Disney-like monorail system.” As Mills noted, “the Wuppertal system has proven itself for more than a century with its suspended carriage design.”

Bricklyn Loop Monorail passing in front of the Railyard Jazz Club before arriving at Southside Loop Station.
Wuppertal, Germany, suspended monorail (the Schwebebahn). Photo from Wikipedia.

Mills also suggested that those interested in learning more about suspended monorails, should read about the 12km, 20 station, Wuppertal monorail line, or watch this YouTube video about suspended monorail systems, including a 2km line serving Germany’s Dusseldorf airport.

Dusseldorf Airport suspended monorail.
The Dusseldorf Airport suspended monorail. Photo by Konstantin von Wedelstaedt. Wikimedia Commons.

When asked whether Bricklynites should have any cause for alarm due to the infamous 1991 Springfield monorail disaster, CEO Mills acknowledged “the concerns some may have about monorail safety given that unfortunate event and the fact that Homer Simpson — implicated in the Springfield crash — is now living in Bricklyn” [see FAQ #5] and has been spotted loitering by the two monorail stations.”

Homer Simpson seen loitering by the Southside Monorail Station last week while the monorail was doing test runs. FYI, note the giant-size donuts Homer is carrying. Dave Tiler Broffman, CEO of Dunk Them Donuts, has just come out with these mega donuts, in an effort to redirect Bricklynites crowding into the newly opened Pastries by Patsy café back to Broffman’s Dunk Them Donuts shops. Photo by Bricklyn Eagle reporter David Plater Blue.

But, as Mills explained, “unlike the Springfield monorail, with its flimsy construction and untested solar-power design, our monorail has been carefully engineered and rigorously tested. With its dynamic motor, solid plastic construction, and state of the art remote WiFi controls, the Bricklyn Loop Monorail will provide Bricklynites with years of safe and convenient service.” As to Simpson, Mills declared, “keep him loaded with those mega donuts and he won’t cause any monorail mischief.”

See our Reader Responses to this article, including a Response & Video Questioning BRTA’s Safety Claims

Asked about future plans, Mills told us that “If the initial South Bricklyn loop proves successful, phase 2 will extend the line through the Great Wall of Bricklyn. As Mills noted, “this will allow connectivity with key locations, including Bricklyn University, the Bricklyn Medical Center, and BIA (Bricklyn International Airport).”

Mills did acknowledge that Outland visitors to Bricklyn would be unable to view this portion of an expanded monorail system, as it would run on the other side of the Great Wall. However, as Bricklyn Eagle readers know, Bricklyn’s top scientists have been looking into potential workarounds that someday would allow visitors to see those portions of the Realm currently blocked off by the Great Wall.

In the meantime, Bricklynites and tourists alike can enjoy a safe, quiet, and comfortable ride, while enjoying scenic views of Lake Bricklyn and South Bricklyn’s downtown buildings.✥

Excerpt from The Simpsons episode “Marge vs. the Monorail.” includes the classic closing line: “Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do.” Notably, the episode was written by Conan O’Brien, and includes the appearance of Leonard Nimoy. Also noteworthy, the role of solar power and its consequences for the monorail! For links to the full episode.

See our Reader Responses to this article, including a Response & Video Questioning BRTA’s Safety Claims

Bear Sightings Proliferate in Bricklyn

Excerpt from recent story in South Burlington’s the Other Paper, October 12, 2023.

October 17, 2023

by David Plater Blue, Metro Desk Reporter

The “bear problem” in Vermont — including South Burlington (the outland city within which Bricklyn is now located) — has made its way into the Tripartite Realm of Bricklyn. Numerous sightings of a strange looking bear have been reported.

Here are some photos that Bricklyn residents have sent in to The Bricklyn Eagle.

In response to the various bear alerts that have sent screeching warnings to Bricklyn cellphones, we are now able to report the identity of this so-called “comedic bear.” Called “Fozzie Bear,” this banana loving bear, whose bad jokes defy any known sense of humor is part of the family of “Muppets.”

A team of our talented reporters are investigating how this Fozzie Bear came to be in Bricklyn. This includes possible linkages with the recent appearance of Rowlf the Dog,” one of the principals of the Muppets clan. The Eagle has also received reports from Bricklynites of a chubby pink pig with long blonde hair and a skinny green banjo-toting frog near the Southwest Corner building downtown. Are they connected to the Fozzie bear sightings? Our inquiring readers want to know. ✥

South Bricklyn Dog Park

South Bricklyn Dog Park Opens

Rowlf the Dog Emcees Opening Day Ceremony

October 7, 2023

Bricklyn Eagle Masthead

by David Plater Blue, Metro Desk Reporter

Opening day at the South Bricklyn dog park. Back row from left to right: Bill B. Butler (Federal Councilor), Rowlf the Dog, Janet Tiler Johnson (President of PawPlay), and Hilma Plater-Zybrick (Federal Council President). In front with brown hair: dog trainer Peggy B. Williams.

On Monday, April 10th, the South Bricklyn Dog Park opened its gate to a crowd of dogs and their people. South Bricklynites were honored by the presence of legendary Muppet star, Rowlf the Dog, who emceed the event.

Rowlf also pleased those attending by reading — to many woofs of delight — doggerel penned for the occasion by Bricklyn’s aspiring poet (and Editor of this newspaper), Walt Brickman.

South Bricklyn Federal Council Representative Bill B. Butler applauded the efforts of PawPlay, the citizens group behind the multi-year effort to open South Bricklyn’s first dog park. As Butler said, “PawPlay’s members opened my eyes to see that our dogs deserved a safe place of their own to meet up, get to know each other, and just have some dog-gone fun.” Butler also thanked the volunteers at PawPlay “who kept the cost of the park down by helping with fencing the site and installing some of the play equipment.”

Bricklyn horse riders look on at Dog Park opening ceremony. Some of the circular play equipment donated by Tiler Broffman can be seen.

Janet Tiler Johnson, President of PawPlay, gave kudos to the citizens of South Bricklyn for their support in calling on the Federal Council to provide 700 CuDos to cover the cost of purchasing the land used for the park.

The play equipment was donated by Dave Tiler Broffman, CEO of Dunk Them Donuts, the Bricklyn-based donut distribution company. The nearby Dunk Them Donuts shop is expected to be kept busy providing coffee and donuts to dog owners watching their pooches at play! ✥

Photo from Bricklyn Eagle archives of Dave Tiler Broffman in his BrickCoupe.