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Special events taking place in Bricklyn.

Victor Borge Retrospective at the Palace

  • by Gloria Vanderbrick, Bricklyn Eagle Arts & Entertainment correspondent
  • July 25, 2021

Summary of Article ➤ Bricklyn’s Palace Theatre offers a retrospective of some of the most memorable performances of Danish-American pianist and humorist Victor Borge.

Bricklyn’s Palace Theatre, venue for the Victor Borge retrospective.

There’s a definite air of excitement in Bricklyn — especially among the senior crowd — over the upcoming Victor Borge retrospective at the Palace Theatre, co-sponsored by the Danish Heritage Society & Bricklyn City Arts.

Some Bricklynites recall with pleasure when, as youngsters back in the 1950s and ’60s, they first had the chance to see Danish-American star Victor Borge on television. Many more recall hearing their parents tell of this legendary musician, humorist, and all-around talent.

The ability to connect the Bricklyn Palace Theatre to YouTube so that Bricklynites of all ages can enjoy some of Borge’s most memorable performances is thanks to the cooperation of the Bricklyn and Burlington consular offices. As readers know, network connections between Bricklyn and Outland🌀 services (such as YouTube) are normally restricted to Kyndige🌀. An exception was made for screening the Borge performances.

About Victor Borge

Victor Borge in concert, August 25, 1957. Photo by Joe Clark, Detroit. Wikimedia Commons.

Just a bit of background about Borge before viewing one of the archival broadcasts. Born Børge Rosenbaum in 1909 to parents who were both talented musicians, Victor was similarly endowed. He gave his first piano recital at the age of just eight.

As Borge got older, a good-natured sense of humor became an integral part of his performances. As writer Norman Berdichevsky observes, “Victor Borge launched a career that stemmed from his irrepressible humor.”📍

📍From Norman Berdichevsky, An Introduction to Danish Culture (2011). Berdichevsky, who now teaches Hebrew at the University of Central Florida, spent seven years in Denmark teaching geography in Aarhus.

Borge was proud of his family’s background as Danish Jews. With the beginning of the Nazi onslaught, Jews in Denmark — as in all of Europe — were at extreme peril. Yet, as Berdichevsky recounts: “One of [Borge’s] pre-War comedy routines … lampooned the Nazis by asking what the difference is between a dog and a Nazi. ‘A Nazi lifts its arm.’ Not surprisingly, Borge’s name was among those who were to be immediately arrested following the German army’s invasion of Denmark … “

Fortunately, Borge — who was in Sweden giving a concert as the Nazis were invading Denmark — quickly made his way to Finland where he secured passage on the last neutral ship leaving Northern Europe for America as the Nazi occupation of Denmark began.

Once in America, Borge quickly showed his talent, becoming a part of Bing Crosby’s Kraft Music Hall radio show, and then appearing in films, on stage, and on television. While Borge became an American citizen in 1948, he continued to be called “The Clown Prince of Denmark” and “The Unmelancholy Dane.”

Borge, who died in 2000, remained proud of his Danish roots throughout his life. This is part of his continuing appeal to Bricklynites, most of whom share the family story of being Danish immigrants to America. He also remains an honored figure in his native Denmark. ✥

But now, let’s take a few minutes to watch some vintage Victor Borge:

Coming next at the Palace, watch Victor Borge do his highly entertaining “Phonetic Punctuation” on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Bricklyn's new mediation and meditation tents

Meditation & Mediation Tents Open!

  • by Samantha B. Fortune, Bricklyn Eagle Health & Science correspondent, with a postscript to the article by Duane Sandville, Outland Affairs Correspondent
  • July 16, 2021

Summary of article: Residents of Bricklyn are invited to use the just opened Meditation and Mediation (M&M) tents. Learn why there’s an increased interest in both meditation and mediation, and how the two are linked.

Residents of the Realm of Bricklyn🌀 can now use the just-opened “M&M” tents — currently located by Lake Bricklyn. Reservations can be made through the Bricklyn Parks & Recreation Department.

There is no fee for use of the tents, but since demand is expected to be high, advance bookings are required.

The colorful red and blue tents link meditation and mediation in an exciting way. Use the blue tent for meditation, and the red tent for mediation.

“Opening day” for both the red mediation and the blue meditation tents. Medieval Tents MOC designed by Huebre.

The Use of Mediation in Bricklyn

It is traditional in Bricklyn to start all mediation sessions by sharing donuts. At the conclusion of the session another round of donuts is also shared. Some attribute the popularity of mediation to this practice! But, after all, Bricklyn is known as the Donut Capital of America. Mediator Alice Tiler Johansson in middle. You probably know the two parties to the mediation!

Both M&M practices have long been popular in Bricklyn. For any disputes involving less than 7,500 CuDos 🍩 (approximately $5,625 U.S. dollars) mediation must be used before filing in Court.

Mediation is also in keeping with the long-time emphasis among nearly all Inland communities to look for consensus in resolving disagreements.📍

📍This is part of the Danish inheritance shared by Inland communities.🌀 In Denmark, consensus building has long been a favored practice, in politics and in governance, including at the neighborhood level.

➤ Perhaps Bricklynites have also taken to heart the words of the late 18th Hasidic master and storyteller Reb Nachman of Bratslov:

“The whole world is full of quarrels: among the nations, in every city, in every home, among neighbors, in the workplace. … How does one find time to waste on quarrels? Therefore, everyone should take this to heart and learn patience and not waste one’s days in quarrels, large or small. One should restrain one’s emotions and anger and live in peace with all.” Quoted in Siddur Lev Shalem (The Rabbinical Assembly, 2016), p. 299.

For more words by Rabbi Nachman of value when mediating.

Just What Is Mediation?

Land use attorney Edith Netter discussed mediation in an article in the Planning Commissioners Journal. As she explained:

“Mediation is a voluntary, informal process of dispute resolution. A person who is not a party to a dispute and is neutral in relation to it, assists two or more parties in settling a dispute.

The mediator’s role is to establish, with input from the parties, the negotiation process, and to assist the parties in resolving the substance of their dispute.

The mediator does not function as a judge or arbitrator, and does not render decisions or make recommendations. It’s a ‘bottoms up” process, not top down.

A ‘successful’ mediation is one where all of the parties believe that they have negotiated a result that is better than that which they could otherwise have obtained. Successful mediation processes often result in settlements or recommendations that include solutions which are different from those that were proposed by either party.”📍

📍From Edith Netter, Esq., “Mediation: A New Way to Resolve Land Use Conflicts,” Planning Commissioners Journal (March 1992). Use the link to read the full article.

Bricklynites’ Growing Interest in Meditation

Community volunteers at work last month constructing the blue meditation tent.

In addition to their longstanding use of mediation, Bricklynites have shown a growing interest in meditation, as a way of both calming and focusing themselves. In fact, use of meditation has soared in recent months due to the daily “unexplained” thunderous booms that have been shattering the peace and calm of the Realm.

The Bricklyn Eagle has a team of reporters working on an investigative report on these ear-piercing, body-shaking, heart-pounding booms. While many Bricklynites attribute them to “anger from the Gods,” we are looking into other, more scientifically-based explanations.

Linking Meditation and Mediation

Kenneth Cloke, Director of the Center for Dispute Resolution, has written that: “There is a natural affinity between mediation and meditation,” noting that “both recognize the simultaneity of unity and opposition; both acknowledge the presence of diverse and multiple truths; both seek a middle way; and both encourage us to have a complete experience of our conflicts, allowing us to evolve and leave them behind.”

Trained as a mediator and arbitrator, Cloke says that meditation is especially useful for mediators themselves, as it improves their “ability to remain calm and balanced in the presence of conflict and intense emotions,” while also encouraging a “greater willingness to move beyond superficiality in conversation and move into the heart of whatever is not working effectively.” What’s more, Cloke has found that mediation, improves mediators’ “creative problem solving skills, and ability to invent or discover imaginative solutions.”📍

📍Kenneth Cloke, “Mediation And Meditation: The Deeper Middle Way” (2019). Retrieved July 16, 2021. See also “Meditation and Mediation,” Family Court Review, Volume 43, Issue 2 (April 2005). Retrieved July 16, 2021.

With this background, the Bricklyn Department of Parks & Recreation invites all citizens of the Realm to make use of the new Meditation & Mediation tents!

On right: An aerial view of the new M&M tents, located close to Lake Bricklyn. The train will make a flag stop to let you off and pick you up. Crossing gates to allow access to the Lake will be installed next week.

➤ Tents or other small structures for meditation are not uncommon, and can even be found in LEGO Inland Communities across the globe. Take a look, for example, at this short video of one such calming place of meditation.

Video of LEGO Meditation Place, by MARKLEGOBOY

Continue to Duane Sandville’s postscript, Miniature Festival Tent on Display in Manhattan

Facebrick Banned in Realm of Bricklyn

by Eric Tiler Corman, Bricklyn Eagle Political News correspondent
July 9, 2021

Summary of article ➤ In an unexpected ruling, the Federal Council of the Realm of Bricklyn has banned Facebrick from the Realm due to monopolistic practices & abuse of privacy. Reactions to the ruling and next steps.

Federal Council President Hilma Plater-Zybrick at her home.

In an unexpected action, the Federal Council of the Realm of Bricklyn (FCRB)🌀 has just issued a ruling (by a 5-2 vote) mandating the termination of Facebrick’s🌀 services within the Tripartite Realm of Bricklyn.

The Council’s decision only applies to Facebrick, not to Facebook (the parent company). Facebrick has been operating a Bricklyn-only network since 2016, as Bricklyn has long restricted access to Outland networks. But unanswered questions remain over whether the Council’s ruling also applies to Bricklyn citizens trying to connect to the global Facebook social network at The Exchange.📍

📍For some background about The Exchange, see “When Bricklyn Pulled the Plug.”

Council Finds Monopoly and Privacy Violations

According to Council President Hilma Plater-Zybrick, “the ruling centers not just on violations of Bricklyn anti-trust laws, but also on concerns over infractions of Bricklyn’s privacy regulations.”

One of the examples of anti-competitive behavior cited by the Council was Facebrick’s 2020 acquisition of the fledgling social media app WeBricks, “snuffing out a potential competitor,” the Council’s ruling said.

Editor’s Note: While the Council’s ruling dealt with the monopolistic practices of Facebrick, have we given any thought to just what Bricklyn’s youth are learning when they play this board game and need to accumulate the most money & wealth in order to win? The Junior Version of this popular board game is designed for 5 year olds and up!

As to privacy, the Council found Facebrick repeatedly failed to tell customers of its sharing of personal data with third parties, and also engaged in other “systematic privacy breaches.”

The Council cited Facebrick’s failure to address these issues, despite repeated warnings from Bricklyn regulators.

Facebrick supporters claim that the company is being unduly tarred with accusations being made in some Outland countries against Facebook, and that Facebrick is a good corporate citizen, providing valued social media services to Bricklynites.

Replying to these critics, Council President Plater-Zybrick said that: “Regardless of Facebook’s practices in the Outland🌀 world, the Council’s ruling was solely based on Facebrick’s practices within the Realm of Bricklyn.”

Plater-Zybrick has been considered a long-time “skeptic” of Facebrick, but that she could convince four other Council members to join her in ruling against Facebrick remains a surprise. When asked, Plater-Zybrick would only say, “What became clear to most of us was the egregious nature of Facebrick’s violations. What’s more, we received a statement of support for the actions we were considering from the Chief Prognosticator🌀, always an important consideration in major rulings by the Council.”📍

📍 By long standing Bricklyn tradition, the Chief Prognosticator of the Realm can be called in for an in camera meeting with the Federal Council when the Council is considering taking actions that may have “high significance for the future of The Realm of Bricklyn.” The decision to call for the Chief Prognosticator can be made by either the Council President, or by vote of a majority of Council members. The current Chief Prognosticator is David Bricks.

Facebrick Supporters Attack Council Decision

Bill B. Butler, Federal Council Member
Federal Council Member Bill B. Butler, aka “3B”. Besides serving on the Council, Butler is an engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad.

Bill B. Butler, who represents South Bricklyn, was one of the two dissenters on the Federal Council. When asked about the ruling, Butler said: “Facebrick is a great resource for Bricklyn. It gives people what they want, which is why virtually everyone who wants to be socially networked uses it. What’s more, most folks don’t give a hoot about their so-called privacy, as long as they can easily network with their family and friends.”

As Butler added, “if Facebrick did happen to violate our laws, what that means is we need to re-examine and change our laws so that Facebrick can quickly resume operations here in Bricklyn. I’m sure that’s what most Bricklynites would want.”

Representatives of Facebrick could not be reached for comment. An appeal of the decision to the Chief Magistrate’s Court, along with a request for a Stay of the mandate, are possible. However, given the fact that the ruling received the endorsement of Chief Prognosticator Bricks, most legal analysts view it as unlikely that the Court would hear an appeal (the Court has discretion on whether to accept appeals of Federal Council decisions).

Public to be Polled

There has been little opinion polling on the Facebrick question, but Bricklyn Eagle Editor Whitman, along with TV 3 Managing Editor Frank Smallbrick, have just announced they will be teaming up on a poll in the coming weeks to gauge public reaction to the ruling.✥

➤ Note from Bricklyn Eagle Editor Walt Brickman: Unfortunately, as Editor, I must offer an apology. As you may know, The Bricklyn Eagle just recently launched a Facebook page for Outlanders. In fact, some of you have already “liked” it. We are seeking clarification from officials at the FCRB if this page must be taken down in light of the ruling, or whether it can remain available to our Outland readers. All I can say right now is, stay tuned! But rest assured, we at The Bricklyn Eagle will continue to provide you with unbiased news reporting, despite our having used Facebrick and Facebook for our business.

➤ Note from Reporter Corman: As mentioned in our article, Outland policies and laws were apparently not taken into consideration by the Bricklyn Federal Council in its Facebrick ruling. Having said that, readers may find it of interest that U.S. President Joe Biden, in remarks given today (coincidentally the same day as the Council’s ruling), said that: “We are now 40 years into the experiment of letting giant corporations accumulate more and more power … and what have we gotten from it? Less growth, weakened investment, fewer small businesses. … I believe the experiment failed.” As Biden observed, “Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism, it’s exploitation.” See “Biden launches assault on monopolies,” POLITICO (July 9, 2021).