League of Inland Cities Seeks Observer Status in United Nations

February 4, 2023

by Eric Tiler Corman, The Bricklyn Eagle’s Political Correspondent

Summary of Article ➤ The League of Inland Cities is apparently about to seek observer status in the United Nations, according to a document obtained by The Bricklyn Eagle.

The Bricklyn Eagle has just obtained a copy of a draft petition from the League of Inland Cities (League) to the United Nations (UN). We have not yet been able to reach Lars Brickmussen, Presiding Officer of the League for comments. Similarly, we have not yet been able to speak with Malter Thurnbrick, Chancellor of the Bricklyn Federal Council.

Lars Brickmussen
Lars Brickmussen, Presiding Officer of the League of Inland Cities

While this move by the League is not completely unexpected, the fact that the petition was apparently already signed, and was scheduled to be released on Feb 8th, is quite surprising. Not only was the League’s petition supposedly “on hold” till April, but February 8th is the same day the Bricklyn Federal Council is scheduled to take action on “The Great Donut Debate.”

While the two bodies are independent of each other, there is usually close coordination when major announcements are planned — in part because the League’s Chamber of Deputies meets in the same hall as the Federal Council.

🚩 Update: February 14, 2023: In a press release issued today, the League of Inland Cities indicated they will consider the draft U.N. petition at their April 25, 2023 meeting.

➤ We will keep readers informed on this developing story.

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