Looking Back at 2022 and Forward to 2023

Bricklyn Ambassador Dross (with green cape) and staff in the Consular Offices.

Bricklyn Ambassador Dennis Plater Dross and his staff express their best wishes to all Friends of Bricklyn for a healthy and rewarding New Year, or as the Danish founders of Bricklyn would have put it:

“De bedste ønsker for et sundt og givende nytår!” 

Homer Simpson taken in for booking for donut theft.
Homer Simpson taken in for booking for donut theft.

Looking Back at 2022:

1) The opening of Bricklyn’s first police station, needed due to a sharp uptick in the high misdemeanor of donut theft. This news photos show the first alleged thief (aka Homer Simpson) being led into the police station for booking for theft of donuts just minutes after the station opened. Fyi: Just why are the Simpsons in Bricklyn, see FAQ Question #5.

2) The opening of “Le Bricklyn,” a new 4-star French-style Hotel that the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce believes will lead to a surge in visitors from Continental inland and outland communities.

Le Bricklyn Hotel
Le Bricklyn Hotel

The hotel also boasts a gourmet restaurant that will test the loyalty of the regulars at TJ’s Streetcar Café (visible in the Brickstar photo below).

3) Improved high speed rail service arrived, as Bricktrak’s new “Brickstar” service was inaugurated last month. Brickstar reduces travel time from downtown Bricklyn to South Bricklyn from 23 seconds to 18 seconds on the Stone Arch Bridge route, a stunning accomplishment. Now rail service is more than twice as fast as bicycling between the two largest cities of the Realm. 

Brickstar rail service connects downtown Bricklyn and South Bricklyn.
New Brickstar train enroute from Bricklyn’s North Station to South Bricklyn. Bicyclists visible on bike-ped path, also heading to South Bricklyn. ew Brickstar train enroute from Bricklyn’s North Station to South Bricklyn. Bicyclists visible on bike-ped path, also heading to South Bricklyn.

In a clever ploy, Bricktrak has even equipped the new rail cars with bike racks, enticing cyclists to also ride the train. Unfortunately, the higher speeds also mean there will not be enough time to eat even a single donut (and who can really eat just one donut) unless you stay on the Brickstar for quite a few roundtrip loops! Bricktrak has promised the availability of multi-loop roundtrip tickets.

4) Completion of the FOB Memorial Lighthouse at the entrance to Bricklyn Harbor (see photo on following page). The Memorial Bridge was constructed on a fast-track, emergency basis after the tragic sinking of the New Panabrick class container ship “Full of Bricks.”

The FOB foundered on shoals near the The FOB foundered on shoals near the harbor entrance on the night of 29 March 2019 during a late Winter East-Norther. A Court of Inquiry found the City of Bricklyn and the administration of YMK Spiro Brickburger negligent in promoting the City’s harbor to New Panabrick class container ships before having a harbor lighthouse in place. Using the above link (then Question 5) for more on YMK Brickburger.

Looking Forward to 2023:

The entire community will be celebrating the opening this month of the Tripartite Realm of Bricklyn’s Archives building. It will have a distinctive mimetic architectural design. There will be a special installation event during which several of Bricklyn’s founding documents will be placed inside the Archives, finally offering them a waterproof, safe location (and by “safe” we really mean “safe”).

Rowlf the Dog will host the ribbon cutting ceremony for Bricklyn's first dog park!
Rowlf the Dog

We are also eagerly anticipating the opening in early 2023 of the unique Space Flight Park — featuring a BASA BrickR-4 rocket — in the heart of downtown, as well as the much in-demand South Bricklyn Dog Park. Muppet celebrity Rowlf the Dog is expected to host the ribbon ripping ceremony! Watch for coverage of both openings in The Bricklyn Eagle.

Also on the horizon is the opening of “Jazz by the Yard,” a jazz club to be located by the railyard. We’ll be looking forward to cool jazz and hot train engines!

Hilma Plater-Zybrick
Hilma Plater-Zybrick

Finally, elections for the Federal Council are scheduled for May. Bricklynites are anxiously waiting to hear if Council President Hilma Plater-Zybrick will be seeking another term.

We hope to have you visit Bricklyn in 2023! — and feel free to let family or friends know about visiting Bricklyn, or following us at: BricklynVT.com

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