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Facebrick is a wholly owned subsidiary of Facebook. Established in 2016, Facebrick has been licensed to operate solely as a standalone social network serving the three Bricklyn communities, without connections to the global Facebook network. One significant exception was that Bricklynites could continue to access global Facebook via computers located within The Exchange.📍

📍The licensing conditions were needed to comply with the Federal Council’s May 15, 1992 ruling.

Since Facebrick’s establishment, several attempts have been made to hack The Exchange to allow users to access global Facebook through their home computers. However, the Office of Outland Affairs has quickly dealt with these hacks.

The Federal Council addressed Facebrick’s operations in a major Federal Council ruling on July 8, 2021. The Council found the company guilty of both unlawful monopolistic practices and privacy law violations. The ruling, which essentially shuts down Facebrick’s operations, surprised many observers, and has already led to calls for amending the Realm’s monopoly and privacy laws to allow Facebrick to resume operations. Given the Council vote, however, any changes to Bricklyn law would likely need to be made via the Realm’s citizens’ referendum process.

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