Bear Sightings Proliferate in Bricklyn

Excerpt from recent story in South Burlington’s the Other Paper, October 12, 2023.

October 17, 2023

by David Plater Blue, Metro Desk Reporter

The “bear problem” in Vermont — including South Burlington (the outland city within which Bricklyn is now located) — has made its way into the Tripartite Realm of Bricklyn. Numerous sightings of a strange looking bear have been reported.

Here are some photos that Bricklyn residents have sent in to The Bricklyn Eagle.

In response to the various bear alerts that have sent screeching warnings to Bricklyn cellphones, we are now able to report the identity of this so-called “comedic bear.” Called “Fozzie Bear,” this banana loving bear, whose bad jokes defy any known sense of humor is part of the family of “Muppets.”

A team of our talented reporters are investigating how this Fozzie Bear came to be in Bricklyn. This includes possible linkages with the recent appearance of Rowlf the Dog,” one of the principals of the Muppets clan. The Eagle has also received reports from Bricklynites of a chubby pink pig with long blonde hair and a skinny green banjo-toting frog near the Southwest Corner building downtown. Are they connected to the Fozzie bear sightings? Our inquiring readers want to know. ✥

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