Apology & Explanation to Friends of Bricklyn

by Bricklyn Eagle Editor Walt Brickman

February 5, 2023, 9 pm EST

I owe Bricklyn Eagle readers and Friends of Bricklyn an apology, and also an explanation.

As those of you who have visited BricklynVT.com since this morning know, I “wrote” two “poems” that I thought were discarded in the trash, but instead were found in the street and returned to the Bricklyn Eagle office and to one of our reporters. One of these poems was supposed an homage to the delights of donuts, while the other, in contrast, denigrated croissants!

These “poems” were done in jest.

I have a further confession to make, one not yet reported on in The Bricklyn Eagle. So, I will be making some news of my own.

You may have noticed that I put the words “wrote” and “poems” in the preceding paragraphs in quotation marks. That is because the two so-called poems, that I so-called wrote were, in fact, creations generated by ChatGPT – the artificial intelligence rage among many people in both Outland and Inland communities.

I wanted to see for myself how ChatGPT worked. For the donut poem, I entered the words: “poem on joy of eating donuts,” while for the croissant poem, I entered: “poem on dislike of taste of croissants.” The two poems published this morning in The Eagle were generated by ChatGPT based on those words.

What I did not expect, and what I apologize for, is having tested ChatGPT in the context of the Great Donut Debate by jokingly playing with the values Bricklynites and Friends of Bricklyn have invested in their love of donuts, or of croissants, or of other pastries. That was thoughtless and discreditable.

To try to at least partially atone, I just generated a poem on ChatGPT expressing my love of croissants and of that Brittany treat, Kouign amann. This is what ChatGPT came up with:

Oh, Bricklyn, city of art and charm,
Where culinary delights come to arm.
Croissants and Kouign Amann, two great treats,
Bringing joy to taste buds, with every bite they meet.

Croissants, with thy golden, flaky crust,
Thou art a delight that cannot be adjusted.
With each layer, soft and buttery delight,
Thou bringeth happiness, both morning and night.

And Kouign Amann, with thy caramelized hue,
Thou art a pastry with a flavor that’s true.
With thy delicate layers, so rich and sweet,
Thou art a dessert that can’t be beat.

Oh, the joys of eating these treats in Bricklyn town,
With its bustling streets and charming sounds.
With each bite, a celebration of delight,
A true representation of the city’s might.

So here’s a salute to thee, Croissants and Kouign Amann,
For bringing joy to all, with thy pastry plan.
May thou continue to bring happiness untold,
For thou art the embodiment of Bricklyn bold.

Poem brought to you by ChatGPT
Croissant (on left); Kouign Amann (on right)Images from Wikipedia

Sorry for having to take up your time, but I thought you all deserved an apology and an explanation.

— Walt Brickman

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