Meditation & Mediation Tents Open!

Miniature Festival Tent on Display in Manhattan

by Duane Sandville, Bricklyn Eagle Outland Affairs correspondent

I had the good fortune while in New York City last month (for time off, not on assignment!) to view some remarkable miniature displays by Joanna Fisher. I was not aware that my colleague Sam Fortune would be covering the opening of the Bricklyn M&M tents, and hadn’t even realized this tent project was underway (so much for my staying on top of things in Bricklyn!).

Given what you just read about the Bricklyn tents, some Eagle readers might also appreciate the skill, artistry, and inventiveness of Ms. Fisher’s work — on display at the Museum of Art & Design at Columbus Circle. The Festival Tent features a variety of interior furnishings. Perhaps it’s a place where any Lilliputian New Yorkers could meditate, enjoy a steaming cup of hot tea, or even invite some of their Lego friends to drop by!

Joanna Fisher’s Venetian Palazzo, 2021, on display at the Museum of Art & Design in Manhattan through September 26, 2021.
Photo by Duane Sandville

While I’m highlighting Fisher’s tents because of their relationship to Bricklyn’s Meditation & Mediation Tents, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention her Venetian Palazzo in Miniature, the awesome centerpiece of the exhibition.

Additional photos and a description of the Palazzo are posted on the Museum’s web site. If you’re in New York City between now and September 26, 2021, it’s well worth a visit. Plus there are also several other terrific exhibitions at this gem of a museum. ✥

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