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Have a donut

Kudos to the CuDo! A Look at Bricklyn’s Unique Currency

  • by Paul B. Macro, Bricklyn Eagle Business & Economics Correspondent
  • August 10, 2021

Summary of Article ➤ Bricklyn’s official currency is the CopperDonut. Learn about the fascinating history of the “CuDo” and how it relates to both the Republic of Vermont and donuts.

The Realm of Bricklyn’s CopperDonut is modeled after the Republic of Vermont’s Coppers. The reverse side of a one CuDo coin is shown here. Current value of a one CuDo is approx. 75 cents U.S.

The CopperDonut — or CuDo 🍩 as it is commonly called — is Bricklyn’s official currency, adopted in 1971 to replace the Danish krone.

The CuDo both honors Vermont (which welcomed in LEGO immigrants from the Danish Realm) and recognizes the key role that donuts play in Bricklyn, which bills itself as The Donut Capital of America.

➤ During the 14 years of its existence, the independent Vermont Republic used its own currency, including from 1785-1788 copper coins. The Coppers were minted by Reuben Harmon, Jr. of Rupert, with a view of the Sun rising over the Green Mountains, on its obverse side, and the “all-seeing eye of Providence” surrounded by 13 stars on the reverse.

It should be noted that the Federal Council 🌀 in 1971 considered replacing the Danish Krone with the U.S. Dollar, but Bricklynites at that time were angered by U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war. As a result the Federal Council responded to public pressure by nixing the original plan to adopt the dollar, choosing instead to issue its own currency, the CopperDonut.

The CopperDonut’s Design

It was in appreciation of Vermont’s assistance in the founding of the Tri-Partite Realm of Bricklyn 🌀 that Bricklyn’s founders decided to name and model their new currency after the Copper — the late 18th century Vermont Republic’s currency — using a slightly modified version of the Copper’s “Eye of Providence” design.

Real, tasty, Bricklyn donuts in their right hands; CopperDonut coins in their left.

At the same time, the newly formed Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce felt that the importance of donuts to Bricklyn should also be recognized in the Realm’s new coins.

Thus the similarity in look of the coin to a donut (though the coin is actually about 15 percent thinner than a typical donut).

Of course, being roughly the size, shape, and heft of an actual donut makes the CuDo an inordinately challenging piece of currency to carry around in a purse or pocket, despite the fact that the blended copper is wafer thin — less than the amount of jelly in a jelly donut. As a result some Bricklynites have taken to using CuDo containers.


As a practical matter, paper CuDo notes are more widely used, but the historic coin CuDo remains popular among Bricklynites!

The CuDo is not without a special kind of risk: cracked teeth.

This happens when individuals (often drunk, stoned, or donut-crazed) inadvertently bite into a CuDo thinking it’s a baked donut.

Another dental patient who bit into a CuDo mistaking it for a fresh baked donut.

Biting into the thin layer of copper inside a CuDo can cause dental damage, perhaps explaining why Bricklyn has an inordinately high number of dentists! ✥

Homer Simpson with a donut

The Donut Capital of America

  • by Amanda B. Starr, The Bricklyn Eagle Metro correspondent
  • October 20, 2021

Summary of Article ➤ Bricklyn, Vermont, has long been known for its donuts — but the demand for donuts increased exponentially with the arrival of the Simpson family.

Bricklyn, VT has long been called by many the Donut Capital of America!

But to be honest, the demand for donuts in Bricklyn skyrocketed only after the November 2020 arrival of the Simpson family in Bricklyn, after leaving Springfield (more on their move & the resulting impact on Bricklyn in a future post).

When it comes to donuts, Homer Simpson sets the pace to which others can only aspire!

The Bricklyn Central Rail Station, now home to the Tasty Brick Donut Shoppe.

There’s also been a donut shop that recently opened after the renovations of the Central Rail Station terminal downtown. Donuts for sweet-toothed commuters have been flying out of their oversized bins.

Local police often use donut shops as their neighborhood HQ, while it’s hard to find a politician who hasn’t handed out plump jelly donuts at campaign rallies.

Coffee Clutch Goes Bankrupt

There’s been a scare recently with the unexpected bankruptcy of Coffee Clutch. However, a Canadian buyer has struck a deal to take over the business, including resuming donut and soft bread production at the Brickside Avenue facility. So word to the Simpsons and all you other Bricklyn donut lovers — no need to put up your homes for sale. Donuts will still reign in Bricklyn, Vermont! ✥

📌 News Update — June 12, 2021: Shock waves rippled across Bricklyn as the Canadian deal has fallen through. Instead the maker of Blunder Bread swooped in at the last minute to purchase the facility from Coffee Clutch, without any immediate plans to reopen it. Over 100 Bricklynites who thought they would soon be returning to work will not. A spokesman for the new buyer told the press: “We have no immediate plans to reopen the bakeries, but will be assessing how they may fit our strategic network optimization efforts in the future.”