First Time Visitor to Bricklyn?

If you haven’t already seen it, we strongly urge you to view the short YouTube video prepared by the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce. It will give you a good overview of Bricklyn. Of course, as is the case with many promotional videos, it does tend to overlook some of the more rundown parts of town, and avoids getting into any of the controversies playing out in Bricklyn. But you’ll hear more about them in the coming months …

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Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at:

As the city’s Planning Director, I try to keep on top of things! And since Bricklyn residents and elected officials won’t be aware of what I’ll be telling you (see our mention of the simulation hypothesis) I can be totally candid in what I’ll be reporting!

Wayne Senville, Planning Director, City of Bricklyn, VT.