Doggerel for the Dogs

In Honor of the Opening of the South Bricklyn Dog Park

by Walt Brickman

Dogs love dog parks, it’s really quite clear, For reasons that bring them joy and cheer. They scamper and frolic, tails in the air, With Rowlf greeting them, they’ve not a care.

First, there’s freedom, no leashes in sight, They sprint and they play from morning ’til night. No boundaries hold them, it’s pure canine glee, In South Bricklyn’s dog park, they’re wild and free.

Social pups gather, sniffing and snuffing, With friends all around, they’re never huffing. They wag and they greet, tails a-wagging, In this park of pals, there’s no sense of dragging.

Balls are flying, in games of fetch they engage, Bounding and leaping, like dogs on a stage. They chase and they race, with energy untamed, In this playground of fetch, they’re never ashamed.

Scents and smells, oh what a delight, From grass to bushes, each one feels right. The park’s a treasure trove, a sensory thrill, For their noses, it’s a quest, a constant uphill.

Mental and physical, it’s a workout indeed, In the dog park, they’re never in need. Challenges abound, they stay sharp and bright, Both their minds and their bodies, in the daylight.

Love and affection, from strangers they find, Pets and scratches of every sweet kind. With humans all ’round, their hearts are aflutter, In this place of love, they can’t help but utter.

So here’s to South Bricklyn’s dog park, a dog’s true delight, With Rowlf the Muppet, what a wonderful sight. In doggerel form, we’ve sung their sweet song, In this park, with Rowlf, where they all belong.

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