About Bricklyn, VT

A City Within a City

You made a great decision in visiting BricklynVT.com! There’s a lot going on in Bricklyn, as you’ll see over the coming months as we report on news, events, and the goings on of many quite interesting characters (I mean, LEGO people).

But we do ask that you keep what you read confidential — that is, don’t share it with the residents of Bricklyn. You see, they don’t realize their city is located in the basement of a house on North Prospect Street in Burlington, Vermont. They believe they’re in a real world, surrounded by real people just like themselves! They go to work; ride bikes; play baseball; meet friends; and are active in all sorts of ways..

Is this the real world of Bricklyn, Vermont, or just a simulation found in a basement?

If you follow cosmological debates, you’ll realize that Bricklyn is proof of the “simulation hypothesis.”

If Bricklyn’s residents were to realize they’re living in a simulation … well, we can only guess that the results would be shattering — just as would happen to us if we found out we were part of someone else’s simulation!

So with that cautionary note about existence in mind, enjoy following life in Bricklyn VT — a city within a city.