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by Walt Brickman, Editor, The Bricklyn Eagle / email Brickman

Bricklyn Eagle Editor Walt Brickman
Bricklyn Eagle Editor Walt Brickman in front of the newspaper’s offices.

You made a great decision in visiting BricklynVT.com! There’s a lot going on in Bricklyn, as you’ll see over the coming months as we report on news, events, and the goings on of many quite interesting characters (I mean, LEGO residents).

As Editor of The Bricklyn Eagle I’ll be overseeing coverage provided by a veteran team of talented reporters and columnists. Our primary contact in the outland🌀 City of Burlington, Vermont (also known by some as our “twinned” city) is Duane Sandville,📍 an Outlander who will also be periodically joining our staff in reporting on Inland🌀 / Outland relations for The Bricklyn Eagle.

📍 We’ve disguised Sandville’s name to avoid his receiving the sometimes malicious comments of those Outlanders who question the reasoning of either AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) or those who, like Sandville, seek to bridge the divide between Inland (LEGO) and Outland (Human) communities.

The Simulation Hypothesis

Bricklyn's Chief Cosmologist, O'Neal deGas Brickson
Bricklyn’s Chief Cosmologist, O’Neal deGas Brickson, viewing the stars — or, perhaps, trying to spot the Great Wall of Bricklyn.

But we do ask that you keep what you read confidential — that is, don’t share it with the residents of Bricklyn. You see, most don’t realize their city is located in the basement of a house on North Prospect Street in Burlington, Vermont.

They believe they’re in a real world, surrounded by real people just like themselves! They go to work; ride bikes; play baseball; meet friends; and are active in all sorts of ways. They’re not even aware of The Great Wall of Bricklyn!

Some select Bricklynites have been made aware of Bricklyn’s “City Within A City” relationship to Burlington (see our post on The Great Wall). However, even for these high level Bricklynites, “adjustment counselors” can be needed to help them cope with the realization that they may exist only as part of a simulation.📍

📍 After studying research on the simulation hypothesis, Bricklyn’s Chief Cosmologist, O’Neal deGas Brickson, believes there is at least a 15% probability that it is Burlington that is a simulation, and not Bricklyn.

Is this the real world of Bricklyn, Vermont, or just a simulation found in a basement?

With this information in hand, we want to welcome you to BricklynVT.com. If you haven’t already done so, play the Chamber of Commerce’s short video slideshow below. It will give you a good initial overview of Bricklyn.

➤ Editor’s Note: Given the sensitivity of some matters we will be reporting on here at BricklynVT.com, please be aware that this web site is being blocked from being received by users within the Realm of Bricklyn🌀 and other Inland (i.e., LEGO) communities. Bricklyn subscribers to The Bricklyn Eagle will have access to an alternative web site which readers (like you) living in Outland communities will not be able to view. Our thanks to the Consular Affairs offices in both Bricklyn and Burlington for permitting what we believe is an excellent, albeit somewhat cumbersome, arrangement.

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